Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Our Way? We Sure Hope So!!!

Here's the inaugural post for the select group of business students (and teacher!) that are (hopefully) on their way to the Flat Classroom Leadership Conference and Student Summit to be held in Doha, Qatar-January of 2009.

This past semester we have been involved in the Flat Classroom Project with Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsey, and a plethora of other classrooms accross the globe. Participating in this project has been absolutely incredible...You can view the students' work by visiting the Flat Classroom WikiSpace and see how the students are forging friendships through this experience at the Flat Classroom Ning.

The culmination of the project is the Leadership Conference. The Conference is sponsored by The Qatar Academy and the HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. We REALLY want to attend, but of course, a trip like this costs, so we're fundraising!! And...YOU can help!! At the bottom of our blog is a PDF of our Conference Brochure and a Donation Form. All donations are tax deductable and VERY greatly appreciated. In addition, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level donors receive extra 'perks' with regard the Conference (see brochure for details).

Subscribe to this blog and watch for updates. The students and I will be posting everyday about our experiences with the Flat Classroom Project, our fundraising efforts, what we hope to learn at the conference, etc. Tell others about our blog, too!

See you in CyberSpace!
Estie Cuellar


LaDonna Coy said...

Hi Estie,

I saw your story via Julie Lindsay's blog post. It would be so terrific for your students to have this experience - I wish all students could do things like this.

I wonder if you've considered adding a Chip In widget to your blog? (or whether the school will allow it?) It would make it really easy for people to Chip In for this project? By putting the link online and sending it out to a few people in your networks, you may find there are a lot of people out there who will help out. Sometimes the key is in making it really quick and easy for people to give and to spread the word.

In the meantime, I'll get my contribution in the mail to you. Good Luck!

EstieC said...

Thank you SO very much for your suggestion. I wasn't familiar with this widget. I am now! I have placed the widget on our blog.

Thanks again!!

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