Monday, December 8, 2008

Flat World: Columbus was Wrong! :-)

Working on the Flat Classroom Project has been a wonderful experience for me. Through the Flat Classroom Project I have learned new and innovative ways to use the Web 2.0 Technology. Also through the Flat Classroom Project I have learned how to cooperate and work with students from all around the globe--I've found that effective communication is essential for effective teamwork. Most importantly, I learned about the different cultures that exist in our little world and how we can maximize our efficacy through cooperation and building solid relationships. I have to say that by attending the conference in Doha, and meeting face-to-face the people that I have worked with virtually will be an experience that has no definition!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What the Conference Means to Me...

Today I asked one of my students, Steve R., "What does attending the conference mean to you?" Here's what Steve had to say...

The Flat Classroom Leadership Conference in Doha, Qatar means a great deal to me. I really do not know how much I could stress about the impact that this trip can have on myself and my peers. I can learn so much from this opportunity, and I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime.

For one, the conference is going to be about technology and how we can make the world better by collaborating with the help of our "flat" world. Second, what makes this trip and experience more special is that we are going to be working, in person, with the students that we have been working with around the world! The Project alone is already unique and very amazing considering the fact that we are actually working together with students around the world with the help of technology. So what better way to finish the project off by actually working with the people we have been working with online.

At the Conference, I expect to learn many different things that can actually help with my future. I plan on being a succesful entrepreneur and I believe that the skills that I attain at this confernence will help myself and other future entrepreneurs with their future businesses. It amazes me just how far we've advanced with technology I feel that it'll only get better and better.

So, attending the Leadership Conference means the world to me--will you help?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help Us Get 2 Qatar!! Video

My students have created a video and posted it on YouTube to help in their fundraising efforts to get to the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar this coming January.

They wrote the lyrics, found some creative commons music, and put together this about creativity!! Please pass this on...and don't forget to ChipIn to help us get there!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Flat Classroom 4A Flat World

Hi! My name is Lynhda--I am one of the students from Spring Woods High School participating in the Flat Classroom Project. All of us were excited and very interested in the Project when we first heard about it. It has an incredible experience to work on the project with other students around the world. Personally, I think it was a great idea for us to participate in The Project--and an excellent opportunity to learn new ideas and how our world was developed.

Before starting The Project we spent time learning a lot of web 2.0 such as blogging, Flikr, Google Reader,, diigo, mash-ups, nings, and wikispaces. I like blogging. Blogging is when you write about anything you want, like how your day has been or any feeling your feeling at the moment. I also like Flikr because it's a site where you can upload and save all your photos. Google Reader helps me organize my subscriptions...I could go on...let's just say that learning how to use Web2.0 technologies really helped me--all of us--prepare to participate actively in the Flat Classroom Project!

Now we have the opportunity to attend the Flat Classroom Conference. I want the chance to meet some of the people that I have been working with for the past several months. I know that we all will benefit from participating in the Conference. I can hardly wait to get there! Qatar Academy, here we come! Will you help?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Our Way? We Sure Hope So!!!

Here's the inaugural post for the select group of business students (and teacher!) that are (hopefully) on their way to the Flat Classroom Leadership Conference and Student Summit to be held in Doha, Qatar-January of 2009.

This past semester we have been involved in the Flat Classroom Project with Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsey, and a plethora of other classrooms accross the globe. Participating in this project has been absolutely incredible...You can view the students' work by visiting the Flat Classroom WikiSpace and see how the students are forging friendships through this experience at the Flat Classroom Ning.

The culmination of the project is the Leadership Conference. The Conference is sponsored by The Qatar Academy and the HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. We REALLY want to attend, but of course, a trip like this costs, so we're fundraising!! And...YOU can help!! At the bottom of our blog is a PDF of our Conference Brochure and a Donation Form. All donations are tax deductable and VERY greatly appreciated. In addition, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level donors receive extra 'perks' with regard the Conference (see brochure for details).

Subscribe to this blog and watch for updates. The students and I will be posting everyday about our experiences with the Flat Classroom Project, our fundraising efforts, what we hope to learn at the conference, etc. Tell others about our blog, too!

See you in CyberSpace!
Estie Cuellar