Monday, December 1, 2008

What the Conference Means to Me...

Today I asked one of my students, Steve R., "What does attending the conference mean to you?" Here's what Steve had to say...

The Flat Classroom Leadership Conference in Doha, Qatar means a great deal to me. I really do not know how much I could stress about the impact that this trip can have on myself and my peers. I can learn so much from this opportunity, and I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime.

For one, the conference is going to be about technology and how we can make the world better by collaborating with the help of our "flat" world. Second, what makes this trip and experience more special is that we are going to be working, in person, with the students that we have been working with around the world! The Project alone is already unique and very amazing considering the fact that we are actually working together with students around the world with the help of technology. So what better way to finish the project off by actually working with the people we have been working with online.

At the Conference, I expect to learn many different things that can actually help with my future. I plan on being a succesful entrepreneur and I believe that the skills that I attain at this confernence will help myself and other future entrepreneurs with their future businesses. It amazes me just how far we've advanced with technology I feel that it'll only get better and better.

So, attending the Leadership Conference means the world to me--will you help?

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